Presenting East Side Access - Expansion of the LIRR to the East Side of Manhattan

Tuesday April 12

1:00 PM  –  2:00 PM

East Side Access is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s largest capital project currently underway. When complete it will deliver a brand-new terminal and concourse beneath Grand Central Terminal providing more Long Island Rail Road passengers faster, direct access to the East Side of Manhattan. In combination with the Double Track and LIRR Expansion Project, East Side Access will make reverse commuting between Manhattan and Long Island a reality. The new Long Island Rail Road service to and from Grand Central is a critical component in strengthening and expanding our regional rail network and protecting us from future transportation crises.

Representing the East Side Access project, Michael Pujdak, PMO Executive and Peter Malvese, Acting Harold Program Executive will give a behind the scenes overview of the project and provide an update on where we are today... months away from opening.