Digital Discussion - Ferries

Thursday January 28

12:00 PM  –  1:00 PM

Ferries once dominated the waterways as the only way to travel between the boroughs in New York City, and helped knit together different parts of the city that otherwise would have been difficult to reach. Though ferries are not a main mode of transport for many New Yorkers today, there has been a resurgence in recent years and more people are experiencing how desirable commuting by boat can be. 

Join Senior Education Coordinator Cassie Wood-Triplett for a digital discussion to hear about boats over time and their impact on New York City, and how they’ve evolved from canoes, to horse-powered paddle boats, to steam engines, to the diesel vessels we use today. 


Please Note: This discussion will take place online. Upon registration, all participants will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to participate. We encourage you to download the Zoom app in advance for the best user experience


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