Digital Discussion - Subway Social Club with the New York Transit Museum

Thursday September 17

5:30 PM  –  6:30 PM

We have countless interactions with our fellow passengers on public transit, whether a glance about a shared experience, a shuffle to get into a seat, or the rare exchange of a few words. We might see the same person every day for years on our commute and feel like we know them but never speak, spot a long-lost friend for a spontaneous reunion, or even strike up a conversation with a stranger over a book.  Think back to some of your past subway rides: have you ever had an interesting conversation with another passenger or a made a connection with a stranger, even for a moment between stops?


Join the New York Transit Museum, Subway Social Club, and Heartfelt Conversations to meet other straphangers and share some of your favorite public transit memories and stories. We’ll hear from the founders of Subway Social Club and Heartfelt Connections about their organizations and their quest to have meaningful interactions with others, even on the subway!  Then we will settle in, have some time to write down our thoughts in response to a few prompts, and will spend the majority of the program in breakout rooms to meet one another and share our favorite transit recollections.


Throughout the program we will be consider these questions:

- What is your favorite public transit memory?

- Have you ever had a small, but meaningful conversation or interaction with a stranger on public transit? How did it happen and what made the interaction meaningful? If you haven’t, how might you do so?

- What are your favorite “only in New York” (or “only in your city”) moments that you have had on public transit? What makes these moments special?




Please Note: This discussion will take place online. Upon registration, all participants will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to participate. We encourage you to download the Zoom app in advance for the best user experience


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